bibi bazooka

bibi bazooka

Bibi is cute. And sexy. And extremely well proportioned. No wonder every guy in the world would love to dance with her. But Bibi can’t forget her favourite toy…

Bibi and her bear first appeared in comics, cartoons and illustrations in Dutch magazines like FHM, Maxim and Blvd, and on several websites. Bibi’s adventures are written and drawn by Naomi J. Strijdonk, who lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Now Bibi’s first book has been published: a bright pink collection of joyful pin-up cartoons, simply called Bibi Bazooka. It’s a charmingly designed paper affair, full of fluid shapes and alluring colours, without any annoying words to get in the way.

bibi bazooka pin-up cartoon book

Bibi Bazooka
by Naomi J. Strijdonk
72 pages in full colour
Lapijn publishers
isbn 978 94 90190 04 0

You can order the book by sending a mail with your address to, and then you’ll receive a reply with full ordering instructions. The price per copy is € 11,95, plus postage and packing (€ 2 in the Netherlands, € 7,50 in most of Europe, € 11 elsewhere on earth).

bibi bazooka rocking horse

bibi bazooka board game

bibi bazooka toy robot


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